Aldo Elizondo

Conservatorium opens its doors for those who dare to try new gastronomic experiences.

How it all started

I was born in San Jose, Costa Rica on March 21, 1987. I can say that my interest in cooking started when I was 12 years old, attracted by programs such as Kitchen Chemistry by Chef Heston Blumenthal. I owe my passion for avant-garde cuisine to him. However, it was not until I was a teenager that my curiosity led me to experiment and it was that same curiosity that developed in me the artistic and creative side that today allows me to try, test and create dishes that were initially in my imagination.

I studied and did internships in several renowned restaurants in the capital. I graduated from Le Cordon Bleu, Mexico and took a fermented food course taught in Spain.

My career

My experience has allowed me to travel and work in: Mexico, the United States and Thailand, but my taste for exploring gastronomy has also taken me as a foodie to countries such as: Germany, Spain, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Laos and Palestine. This diversity of cultures, customs, ingredients and techniques have impacted my vision of the world and of cuisine.

My passion for mature meats has allowed me to revolutionize haute cuisine from the grill. I can say that it is currently one of my main strengths as a chef.


I believe that good work cannot be rushed. This philosophy of life makes me always give my best, constantly and precisely. My goal is that each diner takes away a unique and impressive experience through my dishes, most of which involve laborious processes. I like to show in them the dedication, passion, technique and creativity that is experienced in every bite.

Today I am chef and co-owner of one of the leading creative barbecue restaurants in Costa Rica, Conservatorium opens its doors for those who dare to new gastronomic experiences.