Henry Quesada

This is our creative space, where we honor the avant-garde cuisine that we are so passionate about.

The beginning of a passion

Haven't you ever known what you wanted to be since you were a child? My name is Henry Quesada Sanchez and since I can remember I knew what I wanted to be and do for the rest of my life.

Chef by profession, but I consider myself an artist by vocation.

I was born in San José, Costa Rica on April 5th, 1986. I graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Mexico with a Diplôme de Cuisine.

The way

I consider myself a promoter and standard bearer of the "New Cuisine". The love for what I do and the desire to evolve and grow in this art, led me to get a master's degree in Technique, Product and Creativity at the Basque Culinary Center in Spain.

The first kitchen I set foot in was my mother's, to her I owe this passion. Since then, I have worked in national and international haute cuisine restaurants.

In almost two decades I studied and worked in countries such as: Mexico, United States, Spain, Thailand, Singapore and Cambodia. To this three continents journey I owe my entire formation and influence, discovering, creating, applying techniques, developing my own style and continuing my search for new ways to create unique experiences through the palate that reach all the senses.


I am currently co-owner with two extraordinary chefs of the Conservatorium Restaurant located in Ciudad Colón, Costa Rica. Together with them we have developed an interesting palette of culinary concepts that are waiting to be discovered by diners on each visit.

The distribution of the space in this restaurant is unusual, since we dedicate a large part of it to our R&D (Research and Development) Laboratory, for me this was a central axis in which we had to strengthen our culinary proposal, it was a priority. This has allowed us to have state-of-the-art equipment that are the basic tools to create and develop aromas, flavors and textures.

This is our creative space, where we honor the avant-garde cuisine that we are so passionate about.